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Many years ago I got a call from Bill Glazer and he wanted us (PDA) Marketing to run the ultimate design gauntlet. He said that he wanted us to design one of his “No BS out-of-the-box-marketing” pieces as a test to see if we “measured up”. We had our assignment and we passed the test and many years later he has trusted PDA with his “Outrageous and Unusual” design projects, including the Photo Envelope, X-Ray Package, Brown Bag Mailer, The Travel Postcard, Kids Mailer, and an array of handwritten pieces.

Our ability to capture the “out-of-the-box” design look has been described as…”They just get it…” Years later PDA Marketing has provided graphic design services to not only Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy, but to many other information marketers.

PDA offers Cost-effective design services and production work, from conception to implementation. We have facilitated many comprehensive marketing campaigns for numerous Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle members.

Additionally, PDA has also designed many of the Glazer-Kennedy information products such as: 8 Big Ideas, Sales and Persuasion Strategies, Renegade Millionaire Time Management, Personality in Copy, Power Points, Creative Thinking, No BS On-Line Training to name just a few. PDA can create a valuable information product from an audio CD or DVD to as little as an idea.


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